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Oregon Symphony Storytime

user image 2024-01-18
By: Gaabriel Becket
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As we're all trapped at home watching the ice sparkle, PDX Parent sent out a link to a lovely program by the Oregon Symphony, "Symphony Storytime."

There are four seasons of this program, each video episode, about 10-15 minutes long, features a reader of a children's picture book, with a musician on a different instrument accompanying them. The illustrations are displayed as the story moves through the book and we get introduced to instruments like the French horn, cello, flute, oboe, timpani, bassoon, viola, xylaphone, and many more. 

This is a great, restful and relaxing activity and I loved it. I found a book that was a favorite of my now-grown children, "Owl Babies," and sent them all the link for a bit of nostalgia.