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I love people, art and teaching, so Rumble Studio is a dream come true for me. My parents are musicians and artists and my brother and I spent our childhood listening to our mother play and teach classical piano, at bars watching our dad play jazz trumpet and then at the Saturday Market helping him sell his pottery.

Writing, acrylic paint and digital media are my favorite disciplines to work in,  but I love to make things out of anything that happens to look good to me at the time, and to help other people of any age stretch their creative imagination muscle in as many ways as possible!

I homeschooled my own now-adult children for the first years of their education and, in addition to too many other kinds of work to list, taught at private schools, worked as a nanny and operated two daycares. I like the company of children as much as adults, making art and teaching are the best things in the universe.

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Gaabriel Becket
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Gaabriel Becket
Gaabriel Becket
Gaabriel Becket
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OHEN 2023 Gallery
Gaabriel Becket
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Oregon Coast Aquarium table and display Rice Rock Museum table and display Oregon National Guards table and display Portland Youth Philharmonic table and display
Gaabriel Becket
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Not Back to School Day at Oaks Park, Oregon Home Education Network Resource Fair 2023
OHEN 2023 Gallery   Photos: 7 Rumble Art Studios was invited to have a table at the Oregon Home Education Network's (OHEN) resource fair at Oaks Park in...
Gaabriel Becket
@gaabriel-becket • 4 months ago
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